“SHOW & TELL: Here, There, virtually Everywhere,” hosted by personal/family historian, Deborah Tomasetti Perham, is a free monthly storytelling event where everyone is welcomed to bring an object of personal significance, then show and tell about it. Objects can be as ordinary as a ticket stub or as unique as an ancient artifact. Those who prefer not to participate are welcomed to be part of the audience. This blog highlights each event and what was shared. Hoping you enjoy!



Show & Tell meets the first Tuesday of each month, typically at the Commack Branch of the Smithtown Public Library, 3 Indian Head Road, Commack, NY  11725. 

Can’t make it in person? The unique feature of this storytelling event is that you can participate from virtually everywhere in the world…courtesy of your webcam. (The day of the event, we’ll email you a link to simply click and join.) 

Show & Tell isn’t just about the objects. It’s about the stories. Any restrictions? Nope. If you’re 18 years old, you’re invited! 118 years old? Invited! C’mon over, meet new friends, share stories, connect generations, and preserve those memories. 

“SHOW & TELL: Here, There, virtually Everywhere” was inspired by Deborah's friend, Martie McNabb, who hosts monthly Show & Tell events in Brooklyn and on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. If you’re local to either Brooklyn or Manhattan, be sure to catch one of Martie’s events. They’re such great fun.  We're thrilled to announce that the Association of Personal Historians is endorsing these Show & Tell events.

To sign up for our Show & Tell e-mail list, or for additional info about Show & Tell, contact Deborah by emailing SHOWandTELL@ALifetimeLegacy.com. Keep watching this page for updates and pics of the events. You can also check it out at: 

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